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Why Join Our Team?

Are you excited about meeting new people and earning more each month?

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1. Automated Outreach Tools: Explore smart tools that do the work for you. They make it easy to meet more people and get more leads without much effort.

2. OMNI by falcon: OMNI makes running your business simple. It's a single place that has everything you need, and it's really easy to use. You get it for free and we onboard you!

3. Exclusive Affiliate Hub: Check out our portal full of tools. You'll find lots of helpful stuff like marketing guides, videos, and a dashboard to keep track of how well you and your sub-affiliates are doing.

4. Expert Mentorship for Success: Learn from people who know a lot. Our mentors are experienced and ready to help you do well. They'll give you advice, playbooks, scripts and keep you excited about your work with weekly calls.

How do I earn my first commissions?

We hide nothing from you and are more transparent than any other company before!

1. Application

First, fill out an easy application to join us. Once you're in, we'll have a contract that explains everything we offer you. Both parties e-sign and you can get started immediately.

2. Outreach & Lead

Now, it’s time to spread the word! Tell people about our awesome healthcare program. When you find someone who's interested, you've got yourself a lead. The more employees the company has, the greater the leverage.

3. Expert Closes Them

Don't worry about doing all the hard selling. Our expert team will step in to help. They'll talk to your leads in a special company presentation and close the deal for you. You just share your affiliate link.

4. Monthly Payout

Here’s the exciting part - getting paid! You earn $6 for every paying member per month. If we sign up a company with 1000 members, that's $6000 a month for as long as they're with us.

Hear firsthand how our affiliates are achieving their dreams and growing their incomes with us!

Success Stories from Our Partners:

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"Affiliate Testimonial"

John Joe | NYC

Read My Story

"Affiliate Testimonial"

Max Mustermann | Munich

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